You have decided to go ahead with your next home renovation, great! The excitement of a new project can distract you from common mistakes with home renovations. Mistakes in your project can cost you valuable time, money and stress. Ensure that your project stays on track and is a success by avoiding these common mistakes:

Trying To ‘DIY’ Too Much

While some tasks in your home are great to try your hand at, others are complicated and costly. Careful taking on projects with skilled components including tile, electrical, plumbing and drywall. Hiring a qualified professional will save you time and frustration.

Hire A Qualified Contractor

Be sure to check the qualifications and references of your contractor. Not all home contractors are equal in skill and qualifications. Your contractor should have experience with the exact project you are hiring for. This will save you many headaches down the road with the quality of your completed project. Ask for referrals and check reviews of contractors in your area. You know your home best and your contractor know their jobs best. Be sure to show mutual respect so if any issues arise you will be able to find a cordial solution

Changing Your Mind Well Into The Project

If you are debating changing the location of your sink halfway through a project, this will not be an easy fix. When discussing plans with your contractor, discuss all ideas you have. We do not want you to regret your decisions so it is best to discuss all options. Changing a major part may come with a higher cost which is something you will have to prepare for if deciding to do so.

Budget Your Project Well

Having ample communication with your contractor, make sure to be clear on your budget. There are lots of factors to go into a project with changes that can come up. Be open with your contractor by asking for options and the scope of ideas you have in the planning process. Understanding your budget will help you make decisions and cut surprises. It is a safe rule of thumb to also budget an approx. 10% buffer of your budget for any unforeseen expenses that may occur.

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